Different Types Of Guttering Styles For Residential Homes

One of the most underestimated areas that can have a big impact on how your home looks is the guttering, soffits and fascia. Depending on the style and colour, it can make a huge difference to the overall appearance of your home.

When you are choosing a look for your home, always take into consideration the style of your home, if its modern, contemporary or traditional and what the colour tone of your home is.

For example, you can get molded uPVC guttering systems for your home that can be shaped to look like cast iron gutters with traditional style coving on it. This applies mostly to residential styled houses that have pitched roofs. Learn more about flat roofing styles here.

Obviously, the main concern with any guttering is that it is fit for purpose whilst still enhancing your home. This means before you decide on the colouring and shape of it, you must first decide on the design of it. Fast flow vs standard. Deep vs semi.

Main Types Of Guttering

  • Ogee Gutters
  • Cast Iron Effect Gutters
  • Galvanised Gutters
  • Square Guttering
  • Half Round Gutters
  • Deep Flow Gutters

The biggest decision you will first face is how much water will the gutters being taking. For example, if it is a very large roof with a sharp angle, we would recommend deep flow guttering to ensure it can handle heavy downpours in the weather. Lets run through an example of a choice you might go through …

  1. Choosing Deep Flow Guttering for Heavy Rain
  2. Next choice is square or round
  3. You choose rounded
  4. Now you choose a colour
  5. You pick white
  6. You pick non decorative finish vs decorative
  7. Final product is white, deep flow, rounded and plain uPVC guttering finish

Alternatively, you can reach out to a professional to get help. We recommend TC Roofers in Dublin who specialise at repairs, roofs and installing guttering. Such a professional can take the stress and hard work out of it for you whilst ensuring you get the best of guttering installed.

As you can see, the options kind of pick themselves once you have made up your mind on the style of it first. We hope this guide has helped you when it comes to choosing a type of guttering for your home. Click here to read an article on the most common types of roofs where you can see the different options you can combine with guttering, soffits and fascia.

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